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Sum-Up #4: Problem-Solving and Investigation Techniques

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, effective
investigation and problem-solving skills are essential for organizations
striving to maintain excellence and drive innovation. This guide explores
various tools and methodologies that equip teams with the ability to dissect
complex issues, uncover root causes, and implement lasting solutions.

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Sum-up #2: Machine Efficiency

Machine efficiency has a direct impact on production output, product quality, and operational expenses. When machines run at their optimal capacity, companies can meet customer demand promptly, reduce lead times, and make the most of their resources. Conversely, inefficient machines can lead to production delays, quality issues, and increased operational costs.

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Sum-up #1: Labour Efficiency Improvement

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In today’s dynamic manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing environments, optimizing labour efficiency is a crucial factor for success. Lean methodologies offer a suite of tools that can revolutionize the way operators perform their tasks, streamlining processes and reducing waste. Let’s delve into several key Lean tools that can be harnessed to enhance labour efficiency while addressing potential pitfalls.

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Statistical methods in manufacturing

When we need to make improvements and use statistics is the real 6sigma work – improving process stability. The outcome of your efforts is the improvement in the variance, so you need to consider using the F-test or my favourite, the ANOVA. The benefit of using ANOVA (I mean the one-way ANOVA) is simple: you spend time setting up your Excel calculation table once, but later, with minor adjustments (if any) you can run a quick analysis on multiple sets of samples. Furthermore, It’s the best tool to investigate process stability over the production run: start-up, steady run, after a material change, or around stoppages.

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Learning Disability week and Inclusive Workplace – How do you train your team members?

LEARNING DISABILITY WEEK AND INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE – HOW DO YOU TRAIN YOUR TEAM MEMBERS? 🌈We talk a lot about diversity and inclusion, but mostly racial and gender diversity – much less frequently neurodiversity. It is crucial though to acknowledge and accommodate various learning disabilities and important to recognize the significance of visual aids and guides

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