Find the most suitable LEAN tool to support your business

The STICK, one of the most multifunctional, still controversial and dividing items on Earth. 

❤️ My son is in love with sticks. A stick is super stuff: can be a gun (and mostly gun), walking stick, picking axe, building material, bat, boomerang, dog-toy, sword, magic wand… literally anything.

⚠ For me it’s an annoying, boring and dangerous item.

♿ For the elderly neighbour, it’s an essential item on her walks.

The LEAN tools and methodologies, corporate models are all like sticks. Can be used or misused, can be essential or annoying. A dividing topic, especially in SME environment, where there is limited experience and knowledge how to use them.

I heard so many times the following excuses:
❌ This might have worked at a multinational company, but we are a small business: it’s totally different.
❌This is great, but we are in the food/medical device/engineering industry: it’s totally different.
❌Maybe this worked well at XXX, but we are a different business.

I think these are only excuses to step out of our comfort zone.
💡 Problem solving is not about Ishikawa/Cause&Effect or 5Why, but it’s a mindset. CAPA is a mindset. Project management is a mindset.
🛠 The tools around them are to help. Like a walking stick, that enables us to not only focus on the immediate step, but to look around and enjoy the journey.
✅ And this is why great and simple tools, templates, checklists, standardization and documented best practices are so important in every business – small or big: they provide support, keep us on track and makes sure we arrive at our destination, we deliver.

Yes, corporate methodologies and models CAN BE USED in small business environments. Even at home, to run the household. I use a wide range of LEAN, project management and other “corporate” tools every day.
KANBAN: I have a lovely wooden box for toilet paper, when there is only 1 row on the bottom, I buy a new big bundle to restock. If KANBAN works in the loo, it must work in any business.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Every Christmas, I dust off my Excel file, that has a proper scope definition, timeline combined with resource plan, task list, risk catalogue, cost tracking and other tools to prepare and stay in control. I love Christmas and it’s important for me to manage this otherwise stressful period properly, without meltdowns and overspending.
5S: We have a cleaning station at the back of the kitchen door, and all our stuffs have a dedicated place, once or twice a year we declutter those boxes and drawers, we have a weekly cleaning and a monthly check if anything needs to be changed.
ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: when my son ran to me in tears that he can’t win in the race with the friends, I asked why and why and why… we checked the bike, and found the root cause: it had 16” wheels but the others already had 18-20” – so we put in a CA (get a head start) and a PA (buy a new bike with 20” wheels).

Sounds familiar? LEAN is not magic, just give a chance to the “corporate stuff” and pick up your sticks.

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